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Keeping a Conversation on Track

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Sometimes when asking individuals to do different tasks you are met with resistance. Individuals may avoid doing what you ask of them by changing the subject, attempting to distract you, or playing word games. When faced with resistance, people typically do one of two things; they either give up and walk away or launch into argument. These behaviors are ineffective and do not accomplish your goal. There is, however, a third option and this is what we call professional persistence. This means being persistent while maintaining a professional demeanor to avoid your own escalation. You will learn three techniques used in keeping a conversation on track: Planned Persistence, Tactful Interruption, and Creating the Expectation of Cooperation.

After completing this module, you should be able to:

  • Describe techniques for preventing self-escalation and argument
  • Describe how to present a professional demeanor when under stress
  • Define Planned Persistence and provide examples of this technique
  • Define Tactful Interruption and provide examples of this technique
  • Define Creating the Expectation of Cooperation and provide examples of this technique
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