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06 Offering Choices

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When someone in your care is being resistant or trying to avoid responsibility, you can offer positive choices to replace unwanted behavior. Providing choices helps the individual feel in control which usually results in better outcomes. This technique can be used with individuals on the lower end of the Lalemand Red Behavior Scale displaying Agitated, Disruptive, and possibly Destructive behaviors. We will discuss the sentence structure to use when offering choices, a format known as Choice A/B. For this technique to work, you must be persistent but not controlling, and use positive words and body language to make the choices more appealing.


After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a clear choice during a high stress situation
  • Describe ways to prevent escalation
  • Describe the benefit of providing positive choices instead of using threats or bribes
  • Describe how offering choices is a trauma informed approach
  • Define the Choice A/B Format
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