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Defusing Techniques

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In this module, you will see how you can use Defusing Techniques to effectively stop or prevent escalation among individuals. When two individuals are arguing, the situation can escalate very quickly. It is important to intervene as quickly as possible and in a calm and respectful way to help prevent potential crisis. The best way to stop an argument between two people is to force a break in eye contact. If you can break their eye contact, your success rate of separating them is going to be much higher. We will discuss your approach and positioning so you can safely implement the different techniques to help you separate the individuals and restore calm and safety. The six Defusing Techniques are the Presence Technique, Fake Misunderstanding, Confusion, Positive Reinterpretation, Calm and Soothing, and Soft Shock.


At the completion of this module, you should be able to:

  • List and define the six Defusing Techniques
  • Provide two examples of each technique
  • Describe the importance of assessing the situation before approaching
  • Describe how to approach and where to stand in the confrontation
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