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PERMA Verbal De-escalation Course

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Welle’s Verbal De-escalation Course includes 9 modules which, taken together, will give a comprehensive training in the ongoing process of preventing violence. Welle’s techniques feature a behavior assessment tool that creates a common language, provides humane and effective response options, and teaches the ways to develop a culture of cooperation. Rooted in the principles of Trauma-Informed care, the Recovery Model, and Positive Behavioral Supports, a Welle training will empower its trainees to go into their workplaces feeling both well-informed and ready to address whatever arises. The courses are organized into two sections, beginning with Welle foundations and continuing with skills for de-escalation. The foundation principles enable trainees to understand that preventing violence is an ongoing process: what you do when things are calm is just as important as what you do during times of elevating stress. In four modules, trainees will learn to recognize the meaning of behaviors and how to address them. Those Foundational modules include S.M.A.R.T. Principles, Lalemand Red Behavior Scale, Green Behavior Zone, Post-Incident Review. The Welle de-escalation skills instruction includes six modules that are designed to teach trainees how to restore calm and cooperation when tension begins to elevate. It includes Making a Clear Request, Keeping a Conversation on Track, Offering Choices,and Generating Cooperation.

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