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03 Post Incident Review

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Using the Post Incident Review - Behavioral Scale to Document is a module that uses the Lalemand Red Behavior Scale to document incidents in a clear, objective, concise, and consistent manner. The common language used in the behavior scale assures that the documentation is consistent and easy to understand. In this module, you will learn the three components of a well-documented incident which includes the level of behavior that you observed as informed by the Behavior Scale, the individual’s specific behavior, and your and/or your staff’s response to that behavior.


After completing this module, you should be able to:

  • Use the Lalemand Red Behavior Scale’s common language to accurately document an observed incident
  • Define the three components of a well-documented incident
  • Describe clear, objective, and concise documentation
  • Describe observed behaviors using the levels as informed by the Lalemand Red Behavior Scale
  • Describe the purpose of using the Behavior Scale to write incident reports


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