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The Complete Bundle is 12 modules of Verbal Deescalation Skills (1 -10) plus our Personal Safety in the Community course(11,12).

The Verbal Deescalation Course contains 10 integrated modules that reinforce NAPPI’s philosophy that preventing violence is not a one-time action but rather an ongoing process. NAPPI accomplishes this through behavior assessment using a “common language,” humane and effective response options, and the development of a culture of cooperation. This unique program is an integrated continuum rooted in the principles of Trauma Informed Care, Recovery Model, and Positive Behavioral Supports. After completion of this course you will be empowered to act.  

This Course does include Personal Safety in the Community, which is designed to keep staff safe when working in challenging and difficult neighborhoods. More on this course is below.

The physical, restraint portion of our curriculum is taught live either in a public seminar or an on-site training. If interested please refer to our website or call, 1-800-358-6277.

The Personal Safety in the Community Course
The information in this module provides a framework to keep you safer in the community and more effective when facing unique, unexpected, challenging, difficult, or even dangerous situations. We will discuss ways to anticipate problems and predict violence as well as how to create a safer community/home visit from start to finish. As we explore the content of this course, take note of the different ways you can keep yourself safe each and every day.

Has an individual ever threatened you?  How did you react? Is there anything you would have done differently to handle the situation more effectively?

Many of us have been threatened at one time or another, but how did we know if the threat was real? There are some underlying theories about threats and threat assessment. This module provides insight into how to assess the credibility of a threat. The goal is to provide a framework to keep you safer and more effective when facing unique, unexpected, challenging, difficult, or even dangerous situations.

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